Grass up the middle

I really wasn’t feeling this ride, the first 5 miles seemed like a chore. I almost turned around and went home. I’m glad i kept going though. things got better as i found the more remote lanes. those route so seldom used they have grass growing up the middle of the tarmac. these are the lanes that add a bit of mystery to your ride. you’re not quite sure what is going to be around the corner or if the hard surface is going to disappear and be replaced entirely by grass or mud.
once over the 5 mile slump i began to enjoy the ride and the bike, i’ve not ridden a proper road machine for a while and it took a little adjustment, the Cube is very forgiving though and just slips along. it also copes well with the mixed surfaces too. before i realised i’d done 30 plus miles and was starving. a trip to Lizzies satiated that and as i made my way home on this lovely day i didn’t feel like stopping. so i got home and swapped bikes for more off road fun..
ride 69
37 miles
total 1546

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