long way in

technically i suppose this shouldn’t be in a pic a ride because i vowed not to do reports of commuting to work as they all be the same. However this was a break from the norm. today i decided as i was due to start late and finish late i’d get up early and make the most of the sunshine with a bit of off roading on the way to work. stunning morning for it and i was all set to do the same on the way home
ride 72 however and here’s a great tip. if you charge your lights in july ready for a 24hr race and then don’t actually use them don’t expect that charge to have lasted until October! major panic as i tested the lights an hour before home time and find there’s no charge at all! luckily i had a rechargable “commuting light” unluckily i only had time to charge it for 1 hour via a usb. i’ve never pedalled so fast thinking at any moment i’d be plunged into darkness and the other road users wouldn’t be able to see me and I  wouldn’t be able to see where i was going.
ride 72
15 miles
total 1577

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