re initiating a lost soul

i’ve not had the opportunity or if i’m honest the inclination to go out riding at night. i much prefer daylight but last saturdays ride in the dark was fun so when Alex asked if we were doing a night ride this week i thought why not.
Alex has been in the wilderness when it comes to off road riding. once prolific in the dirt, he was really into racing gravity events but he’s had his head turned by a road bike in the recent past. even that though became less and less frequent. he’d basically lost what i’ve heard people called “his Mojo”.
Once he’d suggested riding i wasn’t letting him off the hook and he borrowed the shop demo full susser. I knew once he hit the trails again in the right conditions (it’s still dry and dusty) he’d be hooked again.
As prediicted after a couple of hours in the dirt he was back and even the Puppys urine antics, some near misses, wrong turns into bushes and the inevitable mud pits he was still grinning at the end
welcome back Alex!
ride 77
11 miles
total 1652

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