over done

so I hadn’t ridden for a week after having a cold, a proper snotty one, felt grotty for two weeks but finally on Thursday things seemed to improve so when Friday arrived i was desperate to get out on the bike. it was a lovely sunny day with blue skies and reasonably warm temperatures for November in the UK.
I was still expelling vast amounts of thick mucus but i wasn’t coughing and my breathing was fine. I’d arranged to meet a friend for coffee about 15 miles away from home. It was a fairly easy route with not too many climbs.
coffee was drunk, chins were wagged and i set off for home in a similar profile but not a reversal of the route I’d used on the way out and i felt great, I even detoured to take a longer route and have a late lunch on the way home (thai green chicken soup food fans). got home, showered and felt smug that i was over my cold and back in the saddle.
Saturday at work passed without incident and i was again pleased at my recovery from the ride, legs not too achy, all was well.
Sunday morning was a different story, proper relapse. felt awful, achy all over, it hurt to lift my arms and my legs felt like they’d done 100 miles into a headwind. my riding plans went on hold and all i managed was a 5 mile walk.
This is my second cold in 2 months and it’s mightily pissing me off, i almost never get a cold. I’m going to look at my diet and make some lifestyle changes i think, maybe start taking some suppliments to boost my immune system and hopefully stop this decline
ride 79
36 miles
total 1720

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