Beach Baby, Beach Baby, give me your hand…

cheeky riding, it’s an emotive subject. In England, unlike Scotland we don’t have the chance to ride any where we want to. access is restricted. designated footpaths are out of bounds for bicycles unless you are pushing them. we are confined by the bylaws that say bicycles are only allowed on bridleways, byways open to all traffic (BOAT) or roads used as a public path (RUPP), green lanes and permissive paths. sounds like there are loads of options right? well no, it all depends on your area. locally here there are a few bridleways and paths in a very heavily populated few square miles and there can be conflict with other users.
The NWAlps group are very careful not to antagonise these users, after all we are all out there to enjoy the countryside and the last thing anyone wants is an argument or the very worst an injury
so it was with mixed feelings we ventured onto the reservoir sand. this is usually at least 15ft deep with water but has been drained for a week or two and it was just too good an opportunity to miss….and the gate wasn’t locked. 
it was a mix of sandy soil at the top and very squelchy mud nearer the water line. we didn’t linger just marvelled at the probably once in a lifetime chance to ride here. we can tell everyone in the future that “we rode our bikes on the bottom of that” as the yachts sail past and they will probably look at us as if we were mad. at that point i’ll whip out the photos and just grin at their disbelief.
ride 84
21 miles
total 1802

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