a tale of two snow rides, ride 2, the reality

two days after the amazing snow biking day and we’ve had significantly more snow overnight. what a difference this has made. the snow is now deep! the consequence of this is to increase the effort needed to power the bike along twofold at least. the trails that had been compacted by other bikes and snow users were great and a real hoot but off piste riding was a real effort, so was the crazy wind. the wind had also caused very deep drifts that stop the bike dead when you ride into them. unfortunately the rider doesn’t stop so quickly and they carry on, leaving the bike very inelegantly to hoots of laughter from the other riders.
I’m not complaining though, it was something i’m so glad i experienced even if it was exhausting. there were other effects of the deeper snow too. my rear brake also froze on every climb, the frozen snow making the pads stick open. this took a bit of commitment to then throw myself down the next hill knowing there’d be no braking until friction heat melted the ice enough for the pads to move
we’d had fun on beacon hill two days ago but conditions there had changed dramatically, there were drifts over my knees in places, thank goodness for a frame with lots of standover
another visit to Lizzies just to show our support (ok, have a warm and cake!) was done and for once no one minded riding back up the step hill as it was a great way to warm back up after sitting stil for a while in a warm room and coming back out into -4 degree conditions
I’m glad to experience this weather but i’d prefer the much ore riding friendly conditions of Friday. but to be honest i’ll take the deep stuff again any day! . 
ride 89
13 miles

total 1878

#fatbike #mtb #smokestonebikes #mudjugger #wrenfork

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