Snow comes to the NWAlps….finally!

so the promised snow came, the first significant snow in the area since i bought my first fat bike 3 years ago. I cannot tell you how excited i was!

Luckily it coincided with my day off from work so i had a proper snow day!. i arranged to meet Russ at 1030 but i was too impatient to get out there and left the house at 0930 to do the 15 minute ride to the meet point. the fat bike just coped so well with the 3 inches or so of snow that was on the ground. the more i pedalled the more confident i got at trusting that there was going to be some grip. sat down position was best to get more traction to the rear wheel. conditions were perfect, virgin uncompacted powdery snow iis very grippy. this also means it takes more effort to propel yourself forward though so the ride was a proper workout. Howard met us after his work day was cancelled and we went to play on Beacon hilll, the traditional place to sledge as there’s a big slope down to the golf course. slaloming a fat bike over the lumps and pumps of the golf course was brilliant fun with minimum risk of injury as the snow was so deep and soft here.

we then headed over to Waseley on the way to Lizzies farm, we went this way to avoid potential problems with the icy lane down to the cafe. I’m glad we did though as the ride down the hill was fantastic with the added adrenaline rush of not quite knowing where the potential deeper snow was as it had begun to drift on this side of the hill. we encounter stampeding sheep and i had to remove ice from my beard before going inside, which hurt a lot!
what a day, great fun and there’s more snow forecast!

ride 88
17 miles

total 1865

#fatbike #mtb #smokestonebikes #mudjugger #wrenfork

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