the mixing cake flavours ride

with the local woods a quagmire of deep mud and filth we decided a jaunt on grass up the middle lanes, towpaths and paths was in order. an early stop for cake saw us test the flavour of sticky ginger and whiskey fruit varieties. the verdict? sticky ginger 1-0 whiskey fruit as there was no taste of spirit. if advertised as fruit only it would have been a much closer game.
the route was good which was a surprise as i was making it up as i went along. the climbs weren’t too bad (apart form up to Hanbury Church) and the lanes were relatively quiet for such a sunny Sunday. Not so good was the lazy bitter headwind, lazy as it couldn’t be bothered going around us it just cut right through chilling to the bone. that was probably the only th ing that kept us going, the need to keep warm!

Ride 7
31 miles
Total 156

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