the lazy wind ride

Russ turned up completely white over, like a mobile snowman. i suggested a cuppa while he formed a deep puddle on my kitchen floor.
the snow stopped and i manned up and we left wrapped up for the worst the weather could throw at us. it soon came apparent that this was too much as i began to over heat on any sort of uphill gradient. i quickly swapped to a gilet rather than a waterproof jacket. of course within a couple of minutes it was raining but i pressed on with the knowledge the weather forecast said the conditions should improve throughout the day.
we made for Alcester via the ford in search of cheesecke but in the end the cafe was chosen not for its menu but for it’s position regarding the week sunlight. so sat in the sunshine we filled ourselves with toasted teacakes and ginger and lime cake.
the return leg of course was completely into the coldest ever head wind. it was super lazy cutting right through us instead of going around. the last drag up to spernal was a chore and it was a relief to shelter in the bus stop while the view to the horizon was obliterated by a short sharp rain/sleet storm.
we passed through arrow valley and had a warm in the local bike shop which meant i actually got home with warm feet for a change!
Ride 9
32 miles
Total 201

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