the tyred ride

plus tyres can be a drag (literally) at the best of times but having one on the bike and two on your back is even more of a chore. 
Dan and i were doing a tyre swap, he needed plus tyres for his new build which i have spare and i needed to replace a worn out 29er tyre which he had lying around so i pedalled over in very cold and blustery conditions. tyres swapped and tea drunk i thought i’d go a longer way home via shortwood. it was then the weather decided to blow up a storm. one minute blue sky and shunshine, the next a complete white out snow storm where i could barely see 100 ft. then just as quickly sun and fluffy white clouds appeared while i stood dripping despite sheltering under a tree.
no speed records on the ride as i headed for the warmth of home incase i got caught out again.
Ride 10
12 miles
Total 213

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