probably the worst start to any riding year ever

12 rides in 2 and a half months and only 274 miles is pathetic. it’s been caused by a series of illnesses, both respiratory and stomach wise. I’m not sure why my immune systems seems to be failing to protect me from all these things that it usually fights off. Usually all those around me are getting these things and i don’t. I worked in healthcare for 14 years surrounded by some of the most infectious diseases and viruses going and had nothing more than the occasional snuffle. no i seem to be getting everything that is going and it’s made a big impact on my riding.
Todays ride was a jaunt around the lanes to see how i’m feeling. I did a few commutes to work last week and seemed ok after last weekends stomach bug so i ventured a little further today and all seemed good (so far, writing the day after).
the lanes are currently awash with melt water from last weeks snow and there are many flooded sections needing a special technique to pedal across without getting my feet too wet .
Loads of riders were also out making the most of ice and snow free roads. everyone seemed to be wearing a massive amount of clothing for the conditions, the temperature was in double figures with no wind! it must be uncomfortable riding in a jacket that thick and most seemed to be at least two sizes to big. aerodynamics are obviously not their top priority.
It was even warm enough for me to refit the spd pedals and clip in for the first time since November 2017 and i still had feeling in my feet by the end of the ride!
I really hope this run of ill health has now passed and i can get some decent miles in.
Ride 12
23 miles
Total 274

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