Dam it with a sausage!

Day 2 in the big brother..no not really, Day two started with me nearly chocking on my breakfast after hearing Ben tell Ian he needed to dan his egg form touching his beans with a sausage.. “dam it with a sausage” became the phrase of the trip.
Today was spooky wood day and despite Ben’s plan for him to be left on his own at the jump area we dragged him all the way up to the start.
Spooky wood is always great and the berms and table tops didn’t disappoint but i always prefer the 2nd and third sections which are much more natural and rooty and rocky. the Trek i was riding was in it element and I got a super smooth ride, bettering my times from previous trips on lots of sections. We did the full red route, had a play on the jumps again, did all the blue descents and the climbs twice.
after a cup of tea at the cafe Ben and Ian headed back to the B&B while Dan and i went exploring via Nashy’s cafe (OMG the leek and tattie soup!)
We went looking for the Golfie trails and some of the route used by the Tweedlove Enduro, what we found we the UK Gravity Enduro routes including a still under construction stage that we pushed up. it was scary! big rocks, very tight corners after big drops and would need full commitment. i don’t mind admitting it was totally out of my comfort zone. it wasn’t long after this we got lost and had to ask some horse rider how to get home! we need a local to show us some trails to get our eye in before chucking ourselves down something completely blind.
we made it back tot he B&B as a heavy rain shower started and boy were we glad to be back, a hot shower and food and the knowledge that we’d sleep well tonight!  
ride 22
33 miles
Total 545

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