Scottish shindig

First day in Peebles, Scotland after a 6 hour drive. and after the previous days “easy” road ride the legs were a bit rusty up the first long steep climb to the Glentress freeride area. i took the time needed to pedal up there to dial in the demo bike I was using, I’d already added my usual saddle and adjusted the shocks to my weight so I was pretty much good to go. There are some tasty natural trains on this route up Janet’s brae and i gained and lots altitude trying the various routes. there are way too many trails built by locals to go and try them all so we stuck to the plan and after a steep pull arrived at the free ride area.
I set the scene for myself by hitting the “funbox” straight away. this inspired Ian to do the same and he then confessed he’s not ridden over it before but thought if i could do it anyone could!.
We filled our boots on all the choice trails such as berm baby berm and the jump section at the freeride area. after a couple of hours the fatigue of the journey caught up with us and we took the blue descent to the cafe and a reviving slice of cake.
refreshed from the calories we left the trails and headed for the Cardrona pump track. a tarmac track near a posh housing estate just off a cycle route. 
A full suspension 29er might not be the best bike for a tight little pump track but it was great fun, even when i slipped a pedal and smashed the pins into my shin opening a hefty gash!.
we began to flag a biot then and the pub was calling so we rode back to the B&B
ride 21
14 miles
Total 512

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