Today i was attacked again while out riding



Now I love the outdoors, I love a spring morning with dew on the grass and the promise of a warm sunny day to come, I love mid summer heat and daylight that last for what seems, well days. I like autumn and it’s changing colours and musty smells as things start to decay and the seasons turn around on their endless cycle. A crisp winter day can be glorious too.

I do however object to the fact that the mild weather brings with it all sorts of drawbacks, Hay fever for one, I’m particularly allergic to grass pollen that fills the air from April to the end of May. This I can tolerate with the help of antihistamine. I suffer in extreme heat. this years 30 degree heatwave wiped me out and rides that would have been long and enjoyable became in an exercise in finding the shortest way home to try and escape from the heat and humidity. I can tailor my day though to get a ride in in the relative cool of the morning or late evening and I’m not bemoaning the fact that we’ve had a proper summer this year.

What i do object to is being victimized whilst out riding. I’m getting singled out and attacked, viciously and without warning. There seems to be no remorse from the attackers and there seems to be an unending supply of them every time I go out. They are quick and agile, they can avoid my pathetic attempts to stop them injuring me. I come home bleeding, swollen and bruised. I can change my route randomly never riding the same trail twice in one week and they still seem to zero in on me with a satellite directed accuracy. I can shout and swear and promise revenge but they still keep coming. i’m at the end of my tether and don’t know what to do about it to end these motiveless attacks that make rides a painful misery.

Does anyone know how i stop these bloody insects from biting and stinging and swarming around me?


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