One ride in


First ride of the year, incredibly mild for January 1st, I’ve seen more mud in the middle of summer! Even though the towpath part of my route was busy with people out for their annual walk in the fresh air everyone was very cheerful and pleasant.

Now i like a solo ride, the feeling of self sufficiency and tranquility and I came up with a few ideas for future rides and promoting work so all was good. even the occasional drizzle didn’t spoil things but today I’d have kind of liked some company. last year the NWAlpsCC group seem to have lost all motivation for riding. Rides have been posted up on the Whatsapp group and either there are no replies, replies with no committal or flat out “no’s” Now i know it’s not always convenient for everyone but we’ve gone from 8 or so people out on a boxing day or new years day ride to just me on both days, even last summer and the best weather we’ve had for ages brought out very few people. I’m beginning to think it might be me! I’m hoping that there’ll be more people to ride with this year, shared trails and adventures are always more fun

ride 1

23 miles

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