Cold Cold cold, did i mention it was Cold?


I lasted 6 miles before i had to find the shelter and warmth of work. you can tell how cold it was because today was actually my day off and i still went and sat in the shop for a while. I’d lost the feeling in my toes and fingers. The Garmin said it was -2.8 with the windchill.

Anyway, this big brave soul ventured back out from the heat into the elements and headed straight downhill for a mile or so ensuring i was back to being cold. the only way to get warm was to ride and ride uphill. So that’s what i did and along the route i came to the Steps of Doom (S.O.D.) the S.O.D. was part of my old commute in my former life that i used to share with a colleague. He would never attempt the steps and S.O.D. became our nickname for the route home, everything was either via S.O.D. or not. looking back now those were really bad times and good times (isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?) in my personal life. So these little used urban steps in a dodgy part of town will always have a strange sentimentality for me.

The route passed 2 good pubs that i thought about stopping at and me not stopping tells you all you need to know about how cold it was, i didn’t stop once.

Ride 2

18 miles

41 miles

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