Wyre Forest

The Wyre Forest is the closest large area of woodland to the NWAlps and I really should make the effort to ride here more often. There are lots and lots of natural trails and sublime singletrack if you know where to look. Even after 20 years of coming here I still find new sections to play on or even better gets shown routes by other riders.

The trails today were remarkably dry considering the time of year, there was proper hero dirt in places. I rode two trails I’d never ridden before and just explored stuff I felt looked like they might have potential. This is the good thing (there are many negatives too, I’m not a complete loner) about solo riding, you can try a trail and if it doesn’t work just retrace your steps rather than ruin someone elses ride by wasting time. This early season exploring will pay me back in the spring when the warmer weather and longer daylight hours allow after work visits as well as weekends.

Ride 4

17 miles

79 miles total

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