Brewing up

Probably not the best day to go brewing coffee outdoors, Cold with a gentle breeze said the forecasters. They needed to come and stand on top of the hill and have to shield the cooker from the strong gale that was blowing. It didn’t deter us though, we could pretend we were on some epic long journey in wonderful but remote scenery. Rather than less than two miles from one of the country’s busiest motorways.

In the end it did turn out to be slightly epic. A tale of me keep adding further sections of off road, Ian’s first ride outdoors for months and Dan’s perpetually slipping seatpost that was exacerbated when Dan over tightened the seat clamp so much it snapped. Gorilla tape to the rescue though and some tentative balancing on the saddle from Dan got him home un-impaled and with only slight discomfort.

special mention to the luxury millionaires shortbread Dan brought with him. too rich to eat all in one go is always a good sign!

Ride 5

27 miles

106 miles total

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