Finding the motivation

Despite the bitterly cold and damp weather a couple of us were out enjoying the woods today
If the cat comes back wet I’m staying in

It’s very easy this time of year to look out of the window at the frost, put the cat out and see if she comes back wet or succumb to the pull of a warm duvet and leave riding a bicycle outside until the bluebells are showing through and the month begins with an “M”

You could spend your hard earned money on one of those fancy indoor cycling machines and spend a couple of hours staring at a computer screen (or the back of a garage door) whilst corroding your best bike with your own sweat. Frankly I’d rather eat my own arm than do that. I use a turbo trainer as a last resort if I’m injured and can’t hold the bars on a real bike. my very unsophisticated trainer has a layer of dust on it as it languishes in the loft.

I’m not into scientific training though, I’ve no season of racing to get ready for so I can see the value, but for me I’d prefer to be outside with the real wind in my face.

Caution, contains old person wisdom

However today, with a temperature hovering around zero, the windchill a lot less, the stiff breeze one that my Dad describes as “lazy”, as in too lazy to go around you, instead going right through you I found a lot of things to delay layering up and going out on the bike. Trip to the post office to pick up a parcel, yes. Pop into work on my day off to drop some stuff in? definitely. Meet my Dad and suggest going for a coffee? yes. Wait until 12 noon as the temperature then would be as warm as it was going to get? yes, sensible that.

So eventually with so many layers on I’d be protected from any fall and probably bounce upright immediately I set off into the wind with the forecast rain beginning to leave droplets on my Garmin screen. The route planned with a long climb to start I soon warmed up. I sought out trails I’ve neglected riding either because they were over grown in summer or had fallen trees over then. A couple had been cleared and I even got 7th fastest on a technical descent by just saying sod it and pushing on regardless and dropping in (thank you dropper post!) The cold meant i kept moving to stay warm, no coffee stops today.

The point (It’s taken long enough!)

I only managed 12.5 miles today, it was enough. If you’d have given me an excuse not to ride I’d probably have taken it and then felt guilty all evening at a missed opportunity. the biggest hurdle or barrier stopping me from riding is me. Once i’m out there I’m soon so engrossed on the ride i forget all the excuses I came up with.

I am glad though that my antipodean friend on twitter @CyclingContessa told me After I’d arrived home that she was basking in the 30+ degrees of an Aussie summer or I might have just crawled under the duvet and cried myself to sleep.

Ride 6

12 miles

118 miles total

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