The Deserted Forest

Fat Forest Fun

H and I took advantage of a Friday away from work to ride in the Forest of Dean. despite the picture the conditions were pretty perfect. i even contemplated taking my arm warmers off and rode for the first time since the autumn without a buff under my helmet! After the recent inclement weather i was expecting a lot of puddles lurking in the breaking bumps but there were only a couple on the whole ride.

I did find the limit of a rigid fork on the fat bike. It may be a lot lighter than a suspension fork but when you are going fast enough on the rough terrain to find that you are being so battered that it’s affecting your vision and you have to back off the speed it does make you regret losing the front squish. it did make H’s day when he caught me up on the roughest parts using the 60mm of travel from his Lauf forks to full effect.

The great thing about riding on a weekday is how quiet the trails are, I think we saw only 4 other riders the whole time we were out. Although some of the locals were a bit rubbish 😉

ride 8 15 miles total 148

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